Marc Pilisuk
Who Benefits from Global Violence and War
Uncovering a Destructive System

"A change is needed from the values of the market to the values of participation and caring.... It will require us to persuade or to pressure those with great wealth and power that people along with all the other species that share our planet deserve a viable habitat and a voice in how it is to be used."

Who Benefits From Global Violence and War: Uncovering a Destructive System by Marc Pilisuk with Jennifer Achord Rountree.  Westport, CT: Greenwood/Praeger (2008) cuts more deeply than most into the links between customary topics of peace, conflict and justice to an understanding of the network of corporate, government and military interests that makes large-scale violence inevitable.

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"One of the most comprehensive -- and programmatic -- discussions of the sources and nature of global violence in years."
- TOM HAYDEN author of Ending the War in Iraq (2006), long-time peace and justice advocate

"There are painful truths here for Americans about the role our government plays in perpetuating global violence--but some readers will be inspired to follow the author's advice on what can be done about it."
- WILLIAM A. GAMSON Professor of Sociology, Boston University. author of Talking Politics and The Strategy of Social Protest

"Marc Pilisuk has cast his net over the threats to world peace and ecological balance, pulling in not only fish but monsters of the deep. After painting a picture gloomier than any canvas by Bosch or Goya, Pilisuk offers a glimmer of hope for a planet suffering from a life-threatening disease. Globalization can become an instrument for peace and justice. Non-Governmental Organizations can focus on issues and people who would otherwise fall through the cracks of institutional neglect. The sum total of citizens' actions can become a "second super power." Pilisuk suggests that "the Devil is in the system" that promulgates global violence. If so, his innovative, yet practical, suggestions provide a blueprint for exorcism. Indeed, no recent book presents today's pathologies so clearly nor provides potential remedies with such brilliant articulation"
– STANLEY KRIPPNER Professor, Saybrook Graduate School co-author of Haunted by Combat

“ This is a rare book: It speaks the truth about the causes of war. Dr. Pilisuk cuts through the veil of theories that mystify and obscure rather than explain the causes. He exposes the hidden workings of the interdisciplinary phenomenon of war. This is a scholarly work, fully referenced and documented, yet accessible to the general public.
Revealing "the devil in the system," the book is a forthright and hard-hitting critique of the power elite’s control of government, foreign policy and the media.”
- MILTON SCHWEBEL, Ph.D. Emeritus Dean and Professor, Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology, Rutgers University and Founding Editor, Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, Former President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility

“ In this encyclopedic and yet highly focused analysis of the causes and consequences of violence and wars, Marc Pilisuk builds on the tradition established by his two great mentors, Kenneth Boulding and Antatol Rapoport and then adds in his own lifetime of insightful scholarship to create a masterful synthesis that makes sense out of the vast literature on violence and war-making. Despite the painful picture that he is forced to paint, he also draws on his experience as a social psychologist and anti-war activist to suggest ways to alter the processes leading to violence. This is a sober book that nonetheless leaves us with hope for future generations.”
- G. WILLIAM DOMHOFF Research Professor in Psychology and Sociology, University of California, Santa Cruz. Author of Who Rules America and Power Politics and Social Change

“ In a few words, it can be said that the book tells it like it is - it describes the vast governmental-industrial-legislative complex that controls our lives via war and violence. This is not conspiracy theory any longer -- it is rooted in fact and record. For the first time, by a psychologist, Marc Pilisuk cites names, organizations, places, and dates that not only promote war, but benefit from it financially. The world is the victim! This is a must read and I call it to your attention.
- ANTHONY MARSELLA Editor, Amidst Peril and Pain: The Mental Health and Well-being of the World’s Refugees. and Understanding Terrorism: Psychosocial Roots, Consequences, and Interventions

“If you want all the facts and a wealth of sources to back them up about the incredibly violent and resource-wasting system called market-cum-monopoly capitalism, this is the book you should plough through, require your students in political science and international relations to read and work to have translated to all the world languages. Professor Emeritus Pilisuk and doctoral student Rountree leave no stone unturned in their empirical analysis of the US foreign policy system, global militarism, empire, lies and violence. Their honest, meticulous research is the strength of this book (They present) a stockpiling of evidence against the world’s so-called leading democracy …(and an) outline of the Western values on which it is based. Jan Oberg is director of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research