Marc Pilisuk 2011

Volume 2: Players and Practices in Resistance to War

  Part I: Prevention
  Chapter 1 Shedding the Tools of Destruction: The Disarmament Effort Marc Pilisuk  
Chapter 2 Nuclear Disarmament: The Path Forward, Obstacles, and Opportunities Alice Slater  
  Chapter 3 Hiroshima Day: America Has Been Asleep at the Wheel for 64 Years Daniel Ellsberg  
  Chapter 4 Citizen Diplomacy and the Ottawa Process in Banning Landmines: A Lasting Model? Jody Williams & Stephen D. Goose  
  Chapter 5 Bringing the Corporate Role in Global Violence to Daylight Gianina Pellegrini  
  Chapter 6 Socially Responsible Investing, Peace, and Social Justice Tesie Paton & Steven D. Lyndenberg  
  Part II: Resisting Violence
  Chapter 7 A Hand for Peace in a Zone of War Kathy Kelly  
  Chapter 8 Human Security: Providing Protection without Sticks and Carrots Christine Schweitzer  
  Chapter 9 Psyched Up to Save Psychology: A Tale of Activists' Efforts to Resist Complicity in U.S. Human Rights Violations Post-9/11 Jill Latonick-Flores & Daniel J. Adamski with Father Roy Bourgeois  
  Chapter 10 Shut It Down! A Brief History of Efforts to Close La Escuela de Asesinos (The School of Assassins) Jill Latonick-Flores & Daniel J. Adamski with Father Roy Bourgeois  
  Chapter 11 Structured Cruelty: Learning to Be a Lean, Mean Killing Machine Martin Smith  
  Chapter 12 If You Start Looking at Them as Humans, Then How Are You Gonna Kill Them? Inigo Gilmore & Teresa Smith  
  Chapter 13 Where Is the Rage? Justin C. Cliburn  
  Chapter 14 Soldiers in Revolt Howard Zinn  
  Part III: Healing the Wounds
  Chapter 15 Out of the Inner Wilderness: Torture and Healing Diane Lefer & Hector Aristizabal  
  Chapter 16 From Grief to Gratitude: The Tariq Khamisa Foundation Azim N. Khamisa  
  Chapter 17 Steps toward Reconciliation: Understanding and Healing in Post-Genocide Rwanda and Beyond Ervin Staub & Angel Ryono  
  Chapter 18 Interactive Problem Solving: Informal Mediation by the Scholar-Practitioner Herbert C. Kelman  
  Chapter 19 From Young Soldiers to Young Peace Builders: Building Peace in Sierra Leone Michael Wessells  
  Chapter 20 Modern-Day Slavery Melissa Anderson-Hinn  
  Chapter 21 Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress Rachel M. MacNair  
Part IV: Peace Movements Worldwide
  Chapter 22 The West German Peace Movement Andreas Buro Habil  
  Chapter 23 Peace in Transition: The Peace Movement in South Korea Jujin Chung  
  Chapter 24 Life in Peace: The Emergence of the Indian Peace Movement Ramu Manivannan  
  Chapter 25 Peace Psychology in Asia Cristina Jayme Montiel  
  Chapter 26 Active Nonviolence: A Creative Power for Peacemaking and Healing Hildegard Goss-Mayr  
  Chapter 27 Nonviolent Skills vs. Repressive Conditions: The Iranian Women's Movement and Codepink: Women for Peace Cynthia Boaz  
  Chapter 28 The 1991 Gulf War and Afterath Stephen Zunes  
  A Final Word Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler