Marc Pilisuk 2011

Volume 3: Peace Efforts That Work and Why

  Part I: Peace From Above
  Chapter 1 New Understandings of Citizenship: Path to a Peaceful Future? Elise Boulding  
  Chapter 2 Peace Building: Twelve Dynamics Kai Brand-Jacobsen  
  Chapter 3 Our Water Commons: Toward a New Freshwater Narrative Maude Barlow  
  Chapter 4 Beyond Leviathan? The Historical Relationship between Peace Plans, International Law, and the Early Anglo-American Peace Movement Cris Toffolo  
  Chapter 5 The Good News: The ICC and the R2P Principle Ronald J. Glossop  
  Chapter 6 Toward a Necessary Utopianism: Demmocratic Global Governance Richard Falk  
  Part II: Peace From Below
  Chapter 7 I Am the Leader, You Are the Leader: Nonviolent Resistance in the Peace Community of San Jose de Aprartado, Columbia Elizabeth Lozano  
  Chapter 8 Peace Building Education: Responding to Contexts Candice C. Carter  
  Chapter 9 Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex: Impacts on Movements for Peace and Social Justice Peter Phillips & Mickey S. Huff  
  Chapter 10 Renaissance 2.0: The Web's Potential for the Peaceful Transformation of Modern Society Deva Temple  
  Chapter 11 Building the Peace by Examples of Civil Courage during the War Svetlana Broz  
  Chapter 12 Peace Can Be Taught Colman McCarthy  
  Chapter 13 When Violence "Works" for 30 Years: The Late Return of Satyagraha to the Northern Irish Marcel M. Baumann  
  Chapter 14 Hands of Peace: From Epiphany to Reality Laura Bernstein  
  Chapter 15 The Movement Toward Peace in Crisis - and Opportunity Michael N. Nagler  
  Chapter 16 To Remake the World Paul Hawken  
  Chapter 17 Search for Common Ground John Marks & Susan Collins Marks  
  Chapter 18 Setting the Stage for Peace: Participatory Theater for Conflict Transformation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lena Slachmuijlder  
  Chapter 19 The Pledge of Resistance: Lessons form a Movement of Solidarity and Nonviolent Direct Action Ken Butigan  
  Chapter 20 Money Cannot be Eaten: Nonviolent Resistance in Struggles over Land and Economic Survival Rev. Jose M. Tirado  
  Chapter 21 Searching for Development with Human Dignity in Guatemala Jennifer Achord Rountree  
  Part III: Peace From Within
  Chapter 22 On Meditation Michael N. Nagler  
  Chapter 23 Despair Work Joanna Macy  
  Chapter 24 Experimenting with Nonviolence: From West Texas to South Korea Richard L. Deats  
  Chapter 25 Trained to Hate: Confessions of a Convert to Humanity Claude AnShin Thomas  
  Chapter 26 Searching for Peace in the Peace Movement: A Lover's Quarrel Rabbi Michael Lerner  
  Chapter 27 Breaking Out of the Culture of Violence: An Oral History with Former Economic Hit Man, John Perkins Nikolas Larrow-Roberts & John Perkins  
  Chapter 28 Inspiring Peace Workers Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler  
  A Final Word Marc Pilisuk & Michael N. Nagler