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Marc wins Zinn Lifetime Achievement award

The Peace and Justice Studies Association has awarded Marc the 2012 Howard Zinn Award for Lifetime Achievement in Peace Studies (the 2011 Award winner was Dolores Huerta). The PJSA will present the award on Oct 6 at their annual Conference at Tufts University in Medford, Massachussetts. On Oct 5, Marc will deliver a paper at the Conference entitled "Occupying The Merchants Of Death" (pdf).

Marc wins teaching award

The Society for the Professional Study of Social Issues has awarded Marc their 2011 Teacher of The Year for Graduate Institutions award in recognition of his work at Saybrook University.

"Peace Movements Worldwide"

Marc Pilisuk and Michael N. Nagler, Editors

Marc Pilisuk is joined by co-editor Michael N. Nagler to present the latest in The Praeger Series In Contemporary Psychology. This three-volume collection of 74 essays from 79 writers examines the history of peace movements all over the world, who make up those movements, what they do, what works and why.

Contributors include Daniel Ellsberg, Howard Zinn, Jennifer Achord Rountree, Johan Galtung, Joanna Macy, Jody Williams, Kathy Kelly, David Korten, and Michael Lerner and 69 other voices from the global peace movement. The editors add opening and closing remarks in each volume and contribute co-written and original essays.

Vol. 1

Volume 1 table of contents

Vol. 2

Volume 2 table of contents

Vol. 3

Volume 3 table of contents